Authentic wood smoked gourmet seasoning. One of the best things about Curry is how comforting it is, as well as the flexibility of use. West Coast Curry is nostalgic created from an ancient family recipe direct from Bangladesh with a smoky twist. A smoky, savory mixture of real wood smoked paprika, garlic, onion, and other spices. Remarkably deep flavor profile that accentuates the flavors of anything else its used on. The delightfully bold natural smoke is infused with a balanced blend of flavors, combined into one savory seasoning.  We eliminated sugar in this recipe and limited the salt.


Creates a deep red curry.


****Award Winning Spice Blend, Chicken Wing Contest*********

All natural, no preservatives, zero trans fat, gluten and msg free!

West Coast Curry - Real Wood Smoked - Gourmet Seasonings - 50 grams

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