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West Coast Chicken Curry

Curry dish made with Triple Smoke West Coast Curry in a cast iron pan
Triple Smoke West Coast Curry


1 Large Onion

4 Chicken Breasts ( replace meat with ChickPeas / Vegetables even TOFU)

1/2 package of West Coast Curry

Cayenne ( if you like it spicy)

Boiling Water

Olive Oil or Butter


Sour Cream


1. Add 1/3 cup olive oil or butter to pan, sauté onion on low until translucent.

2. Add Whole chicken breast or Chopped Chicken Breast to pan cook for a couple minutes

2. Sprinkle half a package of West Coast Curry over the Chicken Breast

3. Add enough Boiled water to just cover the chicken, stir to combine the spice into a sauce, cover and let simmer until chicken is cooked

4.You can add cayenne, salt or extra spice to your taste.

5. Serve with rice

This recipe can be made in an instant pot, sauté onions on low with butter/olive oil, then add chicken and sprinkle in spice cook for a couple minutes. Then add the rest of the ingredients and pressure cook on high for 5 minutes. Serve with rice and top with a scoop of sour cream!

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TIP: Add a can of coconut milk in place of water to make a creamy curry, use the recipe steps for the base of any curry ( Tofu, vegetarian, Fish, ChickPea etc)

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